The World Heritage Centre

The World Heritage Centre ensures the daily management of the Convention.
It organizes the statutory meetings, envisaged by the Convention: the biennial General Assembly of Member States, yearly meetings of the World Heritage Committee and the meetings of the Bureau.

Upon request of a Member State, the Centre:

– organizes assistance for the provision of preliminary lists and of nominees for the World Heritage List;

–   activates international assistance, and organizes educational courses and assistance for possible emergencies;

– assists activities for monitoring and preparation of reports on the state of conservation of World Heritage properties;

–  manages information and reports on threats to World Heritage properties pointed out by the public, Member States and advisory bodies, bringing them to the attention of the statutory organs of the World Heritage Centre;

–  organizes technical seminars and workshops, and develops educational material to promote awareness of the concept of World Heritage and keep the public informed about issues related to World Heritage;

– keeps the books of the statutory organs and documents related to the World Heritage Centre, educational movies, CDs, books and other materials.

The World Heritage Centre is based in Paris.





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